Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fizzy Warquartz

Fizzy Warquartz was ecstatic to receive a spot on the royal guest list to Prince Daelon's birthday feast. So much so, in fact, that he spent the better half of one day running about the bureaucratic offices of Tyrell, confirming that it was a real invitation and not a prank. Finally convinced of its authenticity, Fizzy has been starry-eyed ever since, and has spent a lot of time preparing his outfit for the occasion. Planning to appear in top form, he has polished his armor and is carrying most of his better (that is to say, successful) inventions.

It was really more of an accident than a heroic deed that got the dwarf an invitation. You see, Fizzy is an artificer and an alchemist, and the time he doesn't spend tinkering away in his shop in downtown Tyrell, he can often be found roaming the streets or the countryside testing his latest creation. On this particular night, Fizzy was experimenting with the travelling distance of his Bomb-ombs when he wound one up too far and it wandered off into a back alley. Once he realized it was missing, Fizzy heard a scream and sprinted after it, arriving just in time to see the explosion. Just behind him came one of the royal guard, to whom Fizzy gave a meek smile, as if to say "I can explain." It turns out, however, that the explosion had stopped a mugging-in-progess -- one the perpetrator (and the shards than would forevermore be stuck in his back and ass) would never forget. Lucky for Mr. Warquartz.

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