Saturday, January 30, 2010

Character Creation Notes

The 20th birthday celebration of the Prince Philip Daelon is soon approaching. As was expected, the King has ordered a royal feast in celebration.

It has become traditional that in all major royal occasions, a table of honored guests is selected from amongst the commoners. In the months preceding the celebration, city guards are ordered to reward those who do fantastic good deeds in the city with an invitation to the event. This is strictly regulated, and only those who save a life (or something similarly impactful) earn the invitation, which is written and signed by the Lady Annasta (who, it is rumored, came up with the idea in the first place).

You were in the capital city and earned an invitation. The adventure will begin as you sit at the table with the other honored guests at the feast. Lady Annasta wrote that she will greet you herself.

Create a backstory for your character, but don't expect it to become too important in an adventure of this scale. Good characters are appreciated; evil characters or mercenary characters are forbidden. Be sure to explain:
- Why was your character in the capital city of Tyrell?
- What did your character do to earn (or otherwise obtain) an invitation?

Any race or class is acceptable.

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