Thursday, February 18, 2010


His life began with his name. Taiken Aisa never liked it; he never liked himself. For official occasions he allows this name to be used, a reminder to himself that he cannot be more than he is. In his heart and in his day to day life he goes by 'Vexx'.

Vexx is ordinary by most descriptions - a human male of average height, slightly skinny. He wears a long green robe with blue runes sewn in throughout it. His beard and hair are black and full. You have never heard of Vexx before in your life, but the man is clearly a wizard.

If you see you Vexx moving around, his robe shifts and you can make out a deep jagged scar on his left arm.

When asked about his invitation to the feast, Vexx responds quite candidly. "I'm just a simple wizard, but was able to save the life of some peasants outside of town. Goblins and all of that."

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