Monday, February 22, 2010


A letter from King Archibald Daelon, written one week after the death of his brother.


I trust you are well.

I wish to thank you again for your help. Being King remains a foreign thing to me. As much as people say things are returning to "normal", I fear that it is impossible. This is not my place. I have endeavored to make myself known and respected in the city, but it does not come to me naturally.

Those at the castle briefly considered trying to keep the events of the day quiet, but quickly realized it would be too difficult. We instead decided to encourage the surviving nobles and guards to spread word of what happened, and bestowed honors on those who slew devils that night.

We worried that, from outside, it looked like a coup, and it did not help that in many noble houses a son did not return home. But when the others returned, full of stories of devils in the castle, most of their family's grievances against me were forgotten. They are not happy, but there will be no civil war.

The commoners heard these tales as well, as they would have either way, but they are not used to Roland being gone and have never really trusted me. Earning that trust will not be easy. They are afraid.

We do not know what to do with the Prince. He will never become King. We cannot imprison him now, but few seem to want to associate with him. Mostly we are concerned with being sure he does not become an enemy in the future.

Paendra has been reinstated as captain of the guard, although I have seen fit to give her rather explicit instructions on what to do if I am ever not present to give her orders directly. Ander has been assigned to lead and rebuild the Agents, a task for which he has little experience but the perfect temperament. Most of the Agents were far outside the castle and escaped the fate that Annasta met.

Her body was not recovered.

Cormac has been given control of the battlemages, as expected. After hearing what happened to him, I am surprised he was as intact as he was when you found him. Few could withstand what he endured. He seems to be interested in putting the "battle" back into their name; from what I have heard so far, he plans to train the mages almost exclusively as a devil-fighting force. I should hope they become more impressive fighters in any case. Their combat record in the halls that night was far from inspiring.

I ramble. I should hope that you visit me soon. There is still much to discuss.

- A

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  1. "Her body was not recovered."

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