Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ferik Black

Ferik Black was pleasantly surprised to receive an invitation to the feast. While not a fan of social gatherings per se, Ferik enjoys the high energy of these royal feasts. Ferik is a Storm Mage, a sorcerer attuned to the power of the Storm and full of its energy.

He is a tall and lithe tiefling, standing over 6' with bronze skin and silver eyes. If you look closely, you can observe a strange blue light dancing beneath his skin. He dresses simply in tough and oddly shiny leather that looks as though rain would just bounce right off it. At his waist is a belt with six daggers; the one closest to his right hand glows strangely blue.

Ferik is known for his knowledge of storms, and he contracts with many groups and organizations to storm-proof buildings. He also has a sense for when storms are coming, sometimes days in advance, and will share this information, for a fee. During a storm, he spends most of his time atop the "Lightning Tower," a thin tower with specially designed metal rods attached to it [ooc: it's a giant lightning rod!].

The origin of the "Lightning Tower" is well-known among the religious and among architects, carpenters, masons, and blacksmiths, many of whom aided in its construction. Approximately fifteen years ago, a beautiful temple in the temple district burned to the ground as the result of a lightning strike. The surrounding temples, fearing their lofty turrets might attract a similar fate, asked all the craftsmen of the city to come up with a solution to the lightning problem that would not require them to sully their glorious minarets.

Working with accomplished architects and blacksmiths, Ferik helped design a tower to protect the surrounding temples from any further lightning strikes. The tower was built over the remains of the charred temple and is jointly owned by the various temples it protects, though they leave it open to the public [ooc: disclaiming all liability of death, of course]. The tower was completed approximately ten years ago, and not a single temple it protects has been harmed since then.

When asked how he obtained his invitation, Ferik responds only that he saved a woman from a drow who was pursuing her. When asked about the date of this occurrence, he responds that it was two weeks previous. When asked how he bested the drow, he responds, "The drow was not prepared for the force of the Storm." You get the sense that he doesn't feel compelled to be friendly towards strangers. He's certainly civil, but not one to make friends with everyone he meets.

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