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Basic World Information


Tyrell (tih-RELL) is the name of a continent and the name of the capital city of that continent. This adventure will take place in the royal castle in the center of the capital city.

The kingdom is a predominantly human kingdom, though all races are known and accepted within its borders (though some are rare enough to be curiosities).


The kingdom of Tyrell spans the entire continent. The continent was a primitive place as recently as a few centuries ago until it was conquered by the denizens of Artha, who hailed from across the ocean to the west. The Arthan kingdom had little interest in colonizing Tyrell and mostly tried to sap its resources from afar. However, once the people of Tyrell found themselves with a common enemy, they began to rapidly develop. Within the last century, the previously primitive continent became even more productive and advanced than its conquerors. 30 years ago, after Artha attempted to rectify this situation by destroying important institutions of Tyrell (noble families, universities, churches, etc.) the various cities of Tyrell rebelled, allying their forces and vanquishing the Arthans.

It was not long after this victory that Tyrell fractured again into city-states vying for power. The strength that the rebellion had fought to protect was now being wasted in acrimonious border skirmishes and power grabs. The situation finally came to a halt when the most powerful inland city (which had been spared the worst of the wars) launched a great Unification. The most powerful noble family of the city, House Daelon (DAY-lun), gathered two armies under its two young leaders (the two sons of the deceased house patriarch) and marched east and west to bind the other cities. After a few bloody but decisive victories, the various powers fell in line and united. The home of the Daelon brothers was designated as the capital and named after the land that it now ruled.

The Kingdom of Tyrell is now ruled peacefully by King Roland Daelon, one of the generals that united the continent. Although many noble families and citizens harbored grudges against the king for years, his good nature and natural skills at management and diplomacy have successfully kept the peace and won the favor of the people.


King Roland Daelon
has been the ruler of Tyrell for the last 25 years. He is well-loved by his people, and the nobility find him to be wholly acceptable, although sometimes frustrating to their ambitions. Many credit the nation's recent wealth to his policies and abilities. He has one son, the Prince Philip. He was known to desire a larger family, but the Queen died in childbirth a year after Philip's birth, and the King has refused to remarry.

Lord Archibald Daelon is the King's brother, and often called the Black Lord for his never-changing monochromatic style of dress. While widely respected, he is far less famous than Roland. Archibald led the armies east during the Unification, winning victories as spectacular as those of his brother. Upon the end of the war, it was unclear who would become king when they met again in the capital. Both brothers met alone for an hour, and when they emerged, Roland proclaimed himself king, while Archibald returned to his rural keep. Rumors in the capital insist that Archibald fought with Roland and was enraged at his loss of the throne, but the lord has remained supportive (if reclusive) ever since. His annual visit to the castle in Tyrell is a quiet occasion and the only time that most commoners ever see him. Archibald is known to be a far more serious man than his brother, but the people who live on his lands are remarkably loyal and supportive of him.

Prince Philip Daelon is the only son of King Roland. When young, it was feared that he was being made soft by royal life. In response, the King ordered a rigorous training for the youth, which has made the Prince into a proper young lord and a superior fighter (according to those who have sparred with him). The Prince is widely expected to succeed to the throne in about a decade and has therefore begun making public royal appearances, though these tend to be short, ceremonial, and well-rehearsed. Little is known about the Prince outside of the castle or the highest levels of the nobility.

Lady Annasta (a-NASS-ta) is the King's Second, the designated advisor and personal assistent to the King. A halfling, she (along with Khestral) is one of the few non-humans in the highest positions of power. She is known to be affable and firm in her many dealings with the nobles who desire the King's time. She was a friend of the King since the earliest days of the Unification and has served faithfully at his side since. The King is known to be extremely protective towards her.

Paendra (PANE-dra) is the Captain of the Guard of Tyrell. She administrates the civil and military guards in the capital city, and she personally oversees the Castle Guard. She is the quintessential soldier and served as a lieutenant to the King during the Unification. Her loyalty is unquestioned. One of her proudest accomplishments was the creation of the Royal Champions, an elite force of footsoldiers designed to act as an honor guard for the royal family at all official functions

Khestral (KEST-rul), an eladrin, is the Royal Battlemage, the leader of the official organization of wizards in the nation. He resides in the castle with the King, but spends most of his time in the Tower (a title for a section of the castle, not an actual tower) doing research and administrating the Battlemages. The Battlemages were a force integral to the King's victories during the Unification. When they were made an official organization, Khestral was selected by the King as a proper peacetime leader. This caused some controversy, as Khestral was known more as a scholar and researcher of spells than a warrior. The King insisted that this was a perfect quality in a leader outside of war, and Khestral has proven himself capable since then.

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